Fabulous Bathroom Textiles

ALOKNovo has partnered with Alok International to bring a huge assortment of bathroom textiles to Canadian retailers. Choose from national brands and a wide assortment of colors to add to your existing bathroom textiles collection.


Eqyptian Cotton
Eqyptian Cotton

Grown in Egypt's warm climate and prized for its extra-long, fibrous threads, this density produces a highly absorbent cotton that is strong yet breathable. Exceptionally durable.

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A trademark for a high-quality, long-staple cotton fiber developed in India. Its soft and plush fibers create a fluffy towel with a suede-like texture and excellent absorbency.

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Pima (or trademarked Supima) Cotton

Often grown in the warm, dry climate of the southwestern United States, Pima cotton is known for its rich, extra-long staple fibers prized for their strength and absorbency. Pima is considered to be a superior blend of cotton.

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Bath Robes

Novo offers a wide range bathroom textiles from luxurious waffle robes to plush Egyptian cotton towel sets.

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  • Bath Towel - 27" x 52"
  • Hand Towel - 16" x 30"
  • Washcloth - 13"x 13"
  • Bath Sheet - 35" x 60"
  • Bath Mat - 27" x 52"

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  • Banyan
  • Bella Sala
  • Cottonova